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Friends of the Water

Friends of the Water will provide educational programs and resources in the community to help keep all of our streams, rivers and lakes clean. We need volunteers for this effort. If you would like to become an active participant in developing the program, call Mark Rosenkranz at 503-636-1422.

  • Phosphate-free fertilizer program
  • Storm-runoff cleanup
  • Water-friendly yard maintenance advice
  • Clean-up task crews
  • Summer Internships

We are currently investigating organizations that can help us develop an effective community program such as the Sustainable Communities Program.

The following is extracted from the Audubon International Website.

"Towns and cities across the United States seek not only to stem the tide of sprawl, but to create a sense of community that preserves the best of their natural, cultural, historic, and economic assets. They seek to begin the 21st century with a vision of environmental and economic sustainability that nurtures human communities. Audubon International works with communities to define community assets, invite the participation of key stakeholders, and develop a plan of action to help them accomplish their goals.

Sustainability means incorporating growth and living in a way that does not deplete resources or damage ecosystems. It is achieved through the marriage of new technology, current research, and best management practices that will provide for diverse, enduring, healthy environments."